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Jitka Harazimova vs Paula Suzuki
TWF Thunder
(Legends Champion) Jitka Harazimova vs Paula Suzuki non Title match
TWF announcers Terri Clark and Britt Miller talk about this next match and Britt saids Paula will win to build momentum to a future title shot, Terri chimes in don't countout the Legends Champion Jitka, Britt she's the real deal but Paula has a calculated plan to get whatever she wants.
Ref Delane Hart is in the ring waving to the crowd and Paula Suzuki music hits, she walks out in a pink leotard with black boots on and Paula saids Jitka's about to get destroyed on my path to the fitting name Legends Championship which I'm the only Legend who deserves this Championship.
Paula walks down the ramp rolls in the ring gets up flexes her biceps tells ref Delane ring the bell once I say it's over, the arena lights dimmed Jitka Harazimova music hits and she walks out in a blue leotard with white boots on with the TWF Legends Championship around her right shoulder.
Jitka raises the Legends Championship high in the a
:iconhumantorch223:HumanTorch223 1 4
GOTG Volume 2 by HumanTorch223 GOTG Volume 2 :iconhumantorch223:HumanTorch223 5 0 Starlord telling like it is by HumanTorch223 Starlord telling like it is :iconhumantorch223:HumanTorch223 0 4 Jitka Harazimova vs Paula Suzuki by HumanTorch223 Jitka Harazimova vs Paula Suzuki :iconhumantorch223:HumanTorch223 2 5
Sable vs Bayley
TWF Thunder
Sable vs Bayley
Ref Liz Mino just entered the ring ready to officiate this dream match of Sable vs Bayley, the familiar roar of Sable's music comes over the loudspeakers and Sable walks out to a thunderous ovation for her wearing a white Sable Bomb t-shirt and black workout shorts on.
Sable does the Sable grind dance right away but stops after one time tells this crowd they don't deserve it and she walks down the ramp gets in the ring, Sable is ready to go pacing back and forth in the corner and Bayley music hits.
Bayley comes out in a rainbow sports bra with matching rainbow pants on, Bayley does her traditional entrance with the wacky wavey inflatable buddies near the entrance ramp, the crowd is going crazy chanting Bayley...Bayley....Bayley
In the ring Sable chuckles and saids what the hell is this? Time  has sure changed since I was in WWE, Bayley hugs some fans in the front row before she gets in the ring and Bayley climbs up on the ring apron goes through the sec
:iconhumantorch223:HumanTorch223 1 5


[C] Wrestling Match 03 by roemesquita
Mature content
[C] Wrestling Match 03 :iconroemesquita:roemesquita 106 11
Happy Hump DAY With Ericca Kern by zenx007 Happy Hump DAY With Ericca Kern :iconzenx007:zenx007 46 7 Diamond vs Gold 2 by fatehound45 Diamond vs Gold 2 :iconfatehound45:fatehound45 9 10 DELICIOUS Dacy Simon by zenx007 DELICIOUS Dacy Simon :iconzenx007:zenx007 67 4 2017 Peril Calendar - July: Satin Steele by DavidCMatthews 2017 Peril Calendar - July: Satin Steele :icondavidcmatthews:DavidCMatthews 103 15 Laura Creavalle vs Dale Tomita 2 by fatehound45 Laura Creavalle vs Dale Tomita 2 :iconfatehound45:fatehound45 9 12 Primal Dominance by Mr-G-Modder
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Crushing muscle girl poses before wrestling! :iconzig567:zig567 71 5
Daily Fitspiration Lora Barbazza by zenx007 Daily Fitspiration Lora Barbazza :iconzenx007:zenx007 88 6 Tawny ready for action by kickfan Tawny ready for action :iconkickfan:kickfan 54 11



Sable vs Bayley
TWF Breakdown
2 out of 3 falls match Sable vs Bayley
1st fall submission match
2nd fall Extreme Rules
3rd fall Powerbomb match

TWF announcer Terri Clark tells the crowd wonder who picked the third fall match? Britt saids genius plan by Sable to pick a powerbomb match because one SableBomb and it's over but I expect Sable to win 2-0 because Bayley is too nice to get extreme, Terri chimes in don't count out Bayley just yet.

Ref Rita Bello is out to officiate this match and Sable music hits out she walks in that familiar outfit from her WWF days and Sable does the grind dance that gets everyone excited then screams Bayley and these idiots today like The Boss look down on what me and Chyna did that's why I'm going to teach Bayley a lesson in respect.

Sable walks down the ramp a fan saids love you Sable and Sable gives a slight nod but keeps walking towards the ring climbs in the ring tells ref Rita your only job is to end Bayley's suffering when I say so you got that? Ref Rita saids got it but watch yourself don't get on my bad side.

Bayley music hits and Sable shakes her head screams I hate those wacky Bayley buddies things, Bayley walks out in her teal WWE wrestling gear and does her signature poses then walks down the ramp slaps hands with the crowd and gets in the ring, Sable saids to her I paved the way for you and you or The Boss can't do one bra and panties match.

Bayley saids those matches are a thing of the past just like you that sets Sable off who clotheslines Bayley down ref Rita calls for the bell and Sable grabs Bayley up does a snap DDT to her then whips her into the ropes on the rebound Sable does a superkick knocking Bayley down, Sable goes for an elbow drop but Bayley moves out of the way.

Bayley connects with a cross body block to Sable then connects with a running knee drop to Sable, Bayley gets Sable up does a running bulldog on her then she grabs Sable's right knee but Sable uses her left leg to kick Bayley away, Sable gets up and Bayley misses a running elbow strike Sable spins Bayley around kicks her in the midsection then she does a jumping facebuster to her.

Sable gets Bayley up whips her over the top rope connects with a baseball slide into Bayley knocking Bayley back, Sable grabs one of the tables that was left by the security barrier from the previous match sets it up and SableBombs Bayley through it and she stands over a fallen Bayley does the Sable grind dance.

Sable gets Bayley up and whips her into the steel steps Bayley goes crashing into the steel steps clutching her right knee after crashing into the steel steps, Sable senses Bayley is hurt goes after that knee with kicks to it then hyperextended the knee Bayley let's out an agony scream.

Sable gets a hobbled Bayley up in a kneebreaker does it into the steel ringpost then gets Bayley back in the ring, Sable gets in mocks Charlotte Flair by doing the Figure 4 into the Figure 8 submission hold, ref Rita asking Bayley if she wants to tapout, Bayley shakes her head no fighting the pain.

Sable's tells Bayley you can thank your friend Charlotte adds more pressure then Bayley screams I give up this giving Sable a 1-0 lead.

Sable let's go and she mocks Bayley by doing her celebration goes to the southwest corner, ref Rita making sure Bayley can continue, Bayley uses the ropes to get herself up and Bayley grabs her knee with a concerned look but tells Sable bring it on and Sable grabbed a kendo stick goes to the center of the ring tells Bayley just lay down to end this because there's no chance your getting extreme buttercup.

Bayley saids no, I lay down for nobody and Bayley kicks Sable in the midsection who drops the kendo stick Bayley grabs the kendo stick and hits Sable in the back with it to a shocked Sable who goes down clutching her back, Bayley does one more shot with the kendo stick pins Sable ref Rita counts 1...2... Sable kicksout.

Bayley grabs Sable up drags her into the corner turnbuckle does a knife edged chop to Sable's chest then runs at her connects with a running clothesline into a bulldog and Bayley rolls out of the ring looks under the ring pulls out a trash can lid and a steel chair slides both in the ring.

She gets back in, Sable on her knees begging for mercy, Bayley grabs the trash can lid goes to hit Sable in the head with it but Sable gets hair spray out of her pocket sprays it in Bayley's eyes and Sable gets the trash can lid hits Bayley with it then she connects with a running leg drop onto Bayley pins her ref Rita counts 1...2.... Bayley kicksout to the dismay of Sable.

Sable grabs Bayley up does a swinging side slam to her, Sable then rips Bayley's top off revealing a pink bra and Sable waves Bayley's top around, Bayley trips Sable down they both are up and Bayley dropkicks Sable down then takes a page out of John Cena's playbook doing the you can't see me powerbomb set up but instead of the you can't see me fist drop Cena does Bayley connects with a running senton onto Sable.

Bayley grabs Sable up slings her out of the ring grabs a ladder from under the ring sets it up near the Spanish announce table, Bayley scoop slams Sable on the thinly padded floor then grabs Sable up does a Bayley to Belly suplex and Bayley drags a dazed Sable up puts her on the Spanish announce table hits Sable in the stomach a few times.

Bayley climbs the ladder jumps off in a Macho Man elbow drop connects onto Sable breaking the Spanish announce table in the process and pins Sable ref Rita counts 1...2...3 Bayley has tied it up at 1-1.

Bayley is the first one up slowly but gets in the ring, then Sable gets in the ring and Bayley runs at Sable connects with a forearm knocking Sable down, Bayley grabs Sable up goes for a powerbomb but Sable gets out of it and Bayley saids that close to your own move and Sable connects with a running DDT to Bayley grabs her up does a snap suplex to her, Sable picks up Bayley goes for a SableBomb but Bayley reverses into a tornado DDT.

Bayley waits for Sable to get up goes for a heel kick but Sable ducks it grabs Bayley around the waist does a German Suplex to her, Sable screams I'm done playing around with you gets her up does a piledriver to her then Sable signals for the SableBomb gets Bayley up but Bayley manages to get out of it and Bayley goes for a stunner but Sable shoves Bayley back.

Sable grabs ref Rita by the ref shirt with her left hand then uses her right hand to low blow Bayley lets go of Rita's ref shirt gets Bayley in the SableBomb that connects thus ending the match your winner Sable, she jumps up and down then kicks Bayley in the ribs Respect that chump picks up Bayley does one more SableBomb to her, Charlotte Flair's music hits she runs down the ramp gets in the ring tells Sable you made your point try that on me and Sable doesn't say anything but she gets out of the ring tells Charlotte see you soon honey while Charlotte helps Bayley up.
Renee Toney vs Lenda Murray
TWF Breakdown
Table match Renee Toney vs Lenda Murray

Ref Neaka Barnett is in the ring and tables are scattered around the security barrier, Renee Toney music hits out she walks in a orange spandex outfit with black boots on carrying a custom made table that has Renee powerbombing an opponent.

Renee walks down the ramp slides the table in the ring then she grabs the ring announcer's microphone, saids who answered my Table match challenge?

Renee saids how about this idiot in the front row with the Brenda Raganot shirt on, Renee laughs saids I would beat you in under 30 seconds then she gets out of the ring goes to the TWF announcers table of Terri Clark and Britt Miller, Britt saids how about Terri?

Renee instantly started laughing then saids I'll destroy her and you in under 10 seconds, I want competition with that the lights go dimmed and Lenda Murray music hits out she walks in a black workout outfit with white boots on, the crowd is going crazy for Lenda.

Renee is stunned, Lenda saids how about me because I heard from a friend TWF wrestling is where it's at, Renee saids this is great for me to put the Legendary Lenda Murray out of your misery and she runs around the outside of the ring towards the entrance ramp.

Lenda meets her at the bottom of the ramp they are trading blows until Lenda big knees Renee in the midsection grabs her by the wrist whips her into the steel steps, ref Neaka shakes her head and calls for the bell to ring.

Lenda grabs Renee up by the hair but Renee elbows Lenda to break her grip then Renee grabs Lenda rams her back first into the ring apron and whips her in the ring, Renee tells a fan to shut the hell up before she gets back in the ring.

Lenda is up Renee runs into a big boot then she gets Renee up does a swinging DDT to her and Lenda moves Renee's custom table to the center of the ring picks up Renee goes for a powerbomb but Renee slips out of it Renee connects with a jumping heel kick knocking Lenda down.

Renee slaps Lenda saids to her you were not a role model to me and gets her up goes for a suplex on her but Lenda blocks it does a suplex of her own then Renee gets up but Lenda ducks an oncoming attack Lenda grabs Renee by her throat with her right hand in a chokeslam that connects onto the table breaking it on impact.

Ref Neaka calls for the bell your winner Lenda Murray, Lenda hits some muscular poses as only she can and celebrates her debut win, Renee gets up pleads her case with ref Neaka saying I wasn't ready she suckerpunched me then hits Lenda from behind and whips her into the ropes.

On the rebound Lenda elbows out of a flapjack slam then Lenda spears Renee down grabs her up does a Side Effect slam and kicks her out of the ring, Renee is pissed gets up screams this isn't over and angrily walks up the ramp, TWF announcer Britt Miller joins Lenda in the ring for an interview.

Britt: great win for you Lenda and what do you have in store for TWF now that you're here?
Lenda: Thank you and it's great to be here, my plans for TWF is to be the best and looking great doing it.

Britt saids We all know your big friends with Cory Everson and Sharon Bruneau any chance of a team up? Lenda saids they are big girls and doing just fine for themselves but never say never though because it could always happen and she waves to the crowd then climbs through the ropes shakes some hands with the fans on her way up the ramp.
Jitka Harazimova vs Dre Dillard
TWF Breakdown TWF Legends Champion Jitka Harazimova vs Dre Dillard

TWF ref Kate Austin is in the ring to officiate this Legends Championship match, Dre Dillard music hits out she walks in a purple bikini with matching boots on, she saids I'm going to destroy Jitka just like the Golden State Warriors destroyed the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Dre walks down the ramp climbs up on the ring apron tells one fan to zip it or I will slap the taste out of your mouth and she gets in the ring, Dre tells ref Kate the only thing you can do is stay out of my way and count the pinfall or submission, ref Kate saids I'm just the ref but if you provoke me you won't like the consequences.

The lights dimmed and Jitka Harazimova music hits with pyro going off on the stage soon as the pyro is done, TWF Legends Champion Jitka Harazimova walks out in a black jacket and black biker shorts on and the crowd is in a frenzy for her chanting her name, Jitka disrobes the jacket revealing a blue shirt and the TWF Legends Championship around her waist.

She tells the crowd to get louder and they do, in the ring Dre shakes her head saying what delusional fools and gets out of the ring who meets Jitka with a spear on the ramp and she unstraps the TWF Legends Championship from the Champion and hits Jitka in the stomach with it then rolls Jitka back in the ring and screams at ref Kate to ring the damn bell.

Ref Kate tells Dre to get back to your neutral corner and ref Kate asks Jitka if she can complete? Jitka saids Dee's going to pay for that and ref Kate calls for the bell to ring right out of the gate Dre runs at Jitka for a superkick but Jitka side steps the superkick and she connects with a European uppercut to Dre follows that up with an forearm smash knocking the challenger down.

Dre rolls out of the ring while Jitka tells her get your cheap shot ass back in the ring, Dre shouts kiss my ass chump and smacks her to get the point across, Dre gets back in the ring and they lock up in a collar elbow tie up and Jitka getting the best of Dre until Dre big knees Jitka in the midsection grabs her in a belly to belly suplex that connects.

Dre grabs the Legends Champion up by the hair slaps her twice saying enjoy your final match as Legends Champion because I'm the only Legend in TWF then she does an inverted backbreaker to her and Jitka clutching her lower back, Dre stomps on her mercilessly then connects with a big splash pins Jitka ref Kate counts 1...2... Jitka lifts her left shoulder up.

TWF announcer Britt Miller tells Terri I'm loving this aggression from Dre on Jitka showing who's in charge, back in the ring Dre grabs Jitka up whips her into the ropes on the rebound Dre connects with a powerslam then Dre kicks her out of the ring and Dre taunts the crowd saying look at your pitiful Legends Champion rolls out of the ring but is met by an superkick by Jitka.

Jitka grabs Dre up rams her back first into the ring apron then Jitka grabs an extension cord wraps it around Dee's throat choking her with it, Britt saids that should be an instant disqualification Terri saids this is no holds barred match, Dre elbows Jitka to break the choke and Jitka runs at Dre but Dre connects with a drop-toe hold that smashes Jitka's face on the steel steps.

Dre takes a breather for a second before she gets Jitka back in the ring pins her ref Kate counts 1....2... Jitka kicksout before the 3 count, Dre gets Jitka up goes for a chokeslam to her but Jitka slips out of it then Jitka kicks Dre in the midsection does an sit-out facebuster to her crawls into a cover ref Kate counts 1....2..... Dre barely kicksout.

TWF Legends Champion Jitka grabs Dre up grabs her around the head pulls her close does a lifting DDT to her she climbs the top rope jumps off in a elbow drop connects to the heart of Dre and Jitka pins Dre ref Kate counts 1....2...... Dre lifts her right shoulder up before ref Kate's right hand was coming down for the 3 count.

Jitka picks up Dre but Dre pokes Jitka in the right eye blinding her at the moment and Dre gets a temporary blinded Jitka in a cradle piledriver that connects and Dre goes for the pin ref Kate counts 1....2.... Jitka barely kicksout, Dre throws a temper tantrum then she drags Jitka into the turnbuckle runs at her clotheslines Jitka into a seated position on the bottom turnbuckle.

Dre laughs at TWF Legends Champion's predicament at the moment and she rubs her ass in Jitka's face, Dre stops the stink face pulls Jitka out of the corner grabs her up gets her in a powerbomb position but on the way up Jitka slips out of it and Dre turns right into a spinning spinebuster out of desperation from Jitka, both superstars are down.

Terri Clark at the announcers table saids what a match so far, Britt saids did you expect anything less of a phenomenal match? Jitka and Dre gets up at the same time Jitka was first to strike with a knife edged chop to Dre's chest then Dre does one too they trade blows and chops until Jitka connects with a furry of strikes that knocks Dre down.

Jitka grabs Dre up does a powerbomb to her then a running senton splash connects she goes for another one but Dre kicks Jitka into the ropes, Dre picks up Jitka connects with an European uppercut that knocks Jitka into the ropes who gets tied up in them and Dre with a devilish grin does body shots to Jitka while she's tied up in the ropes and Dre whispers in Jitka's ear I will enjoy what happens next but you won't Hahaa.

Dre pulls Jitka's biker shorts down slings them in the crowd revealing an teal thong Jitka's wearing unhooks Jitka from the ropes knocks her down with a side kick then she puts Jitka over her knee and spanks Jitka's ass until it was beat red then she grabs Jitka for a pumphandle slam but Jitka reverses it into a slingshot then picks up Dre does a cradle DDT into a crossface.

Jitka has it locked in ref Kate asking Dre if she wants to tapout she saids never not to her, TWF Legends Champion Jitka saids wrong answer adds more pressure, Dre endures the pain but her left hand taps the ring thus ending this match your winner and still TWF Legends Champion Jitka Harazimova.

Jitka lets go of the crossface celebrates ref Kate gets her TWF Legends Championship hands it to her and Jitka holds it up then she gives the crowd a show by dancing, she gets out of the ring and walks up the ramp turns and waves to the crowd before she goes through the curtain to the back.

Dre screams this isn't the last of me Jitka, TWF announcers Terri Clark tells Britt Miller fighting Champion right there in Jitka Harazimova, Britt saids agreed but she has a big target on her back before we go to our next match our esteemed interviewer Sunny is with Lesa Lewis who's in the main event the Elimination Chamber match for the TWF World Championship.

Sunny: Lesa what's your plan for the dreaded Elimination Chamber?

Lesa: It might be my first time in the Elimination Chamber but I'm not afraid because I have no fear plus my plan is do what I do best which is kick ass and take names also that TWF World Championship would look amazing around my waist, Lesa then walks back into her locker room, Sunny saids back to you Britt and Terri.
Kim Walters vs Jackie Gayda
TWF Breakdown
Kim Walters vs Jackie Gayda

As Trapt's Headstrong plays pyro goes off to welcome everyone to TWF Breakdown, TWF announcers Terri Clark and Britt Miller talk about tonight's event: Terri saids Welcome to TWF Breakdown where we have a star studded show with 12 great matches ranging from the Elimination Chamber match for the TWF World Championship, United States Championship, and Intercontinental Championship to a Tables match.

Britt saids I'm hyped for all three Elimination Chamber matches and we could see all new champions if the champions take their competition lightly, Terri saids before our first match something is going on backstage let's go check it out.

TWF World Champion Melissa Coates, Natalia Murnikoviene, Sharon Bruneau, Charlie Davidson, and EZ Rider just arrived at the arena and Melissa looks angry from the conclusion of last week's TWF Thunder where her limousine was destroyed, Melissa and crew walks in they see TWF United States Champion Brenda Raganot walking by drinking some water.

Melissa screams at Brenda take it easy we're not going to attack you just yet if you answer this one question, Was that your friend Dale Tomita who destroyed our limo? Don't bullshit me either, Brenda saids I'm not telling you shit but if it was you would know and walks past them to her locker room and Melissa screams ahhh knocks a table over.

Natalia saids even if it is was We got your back, Terri saids Melissa is a little paranoid huh Britt? Britt saids it sure looks like it but Melissa isn't worried in the slightest now it's time for the first match, ref Michelle Bradley comes walking out in a ref shirt with black pants on gets in the ring then Jackie Gayda's music hits she comes walking out in a red jumpsuit and Jackie saids I'm going to Kim a wrestling lesson.

Jackie continues taunting Kim as she walks to the ring climbs up on the ring apron gets in flexes her bicep before she could flex some more Kim Walters music hits out she walks in a blue spandex outfit and Kim looks aggravated by having to face Jackie runs down the ramp gets in the ring yells at Jackie ready for your beating cupcake?

Jackie laughs saids back to her your looking at a former WWE superstar plus I've improved so much, ref Michelle calls for the bell to ring right out of the gate Jackie runs at Kim but Kim catches Jackie as she attempted a cross body block does a gorilla press slam and Jackie is stunned, Kim saids aww what's the matter kicks Jackie in the ribs then pulls her up by the hair and elbows her in the face then does a European uppercut knocking Jackie back down.

Kim goes to grab Jackie up but Jackie kicks Kim down then Jackie gets up clothesline Kim down twice grabs Kim up does a scoop slam to her follows that up with a dancing leg drop pins her, ref Michelle counts 1.. Kim powers out by throwing Jackie across the ring, Jackie is taken aback by that and Kim is up she superkicks Jackie down then grabs Jackie up does a running powerslam pins Jackie ref Michelle counts 1...2.. Kim raises Jackie's head up.

Kim laughing saids this so called improved wrestler hasn't had enough punishment quite yet, Kim gets a dazed Jackie up whips her into the ropes on the rebound Kim does a swinging sidewalk slam and Kim runs the ropes does a running senton that connects onto Jackie's chest that allows Kim to crack a sadistic smile picks up Jackie does a tombstone piledriver to her.

Kim picks up Jackie gets behind her grabs her in a full Nelson turns into a full Nelson backbreaker then locks in a camel clutch submission and Kim screams sing your submission to me ref Michelle asking Jackie if she wants to tapout she screams ahhh no then Kim adds more pressure Jackie screams I give up ref Michelle signals it's over and Kim still has the camel clutch locked in ref Michelle saids break the hold.

Kim finally lets go of the camel clutch stands over a fallen and defeated Jackie with her arms raised high steps over Jackie in a cocky way then climbs through the ropes to the outside and walks up the ramp.

TWF Announcers Terri and Britt both say Kim Walters isn't playing around here in TWF and a future Champion for sure, Britt saids speaking of Champions TWF Legends Champion Jitka Harazimova defends against Dre Dillard next.
TWF Breakdown

Kim Walters vs Jackie Gayda
TWF Legends Champion Jitka Harazimova vs Dre Dillard
Renee Toney Table match challenge
Sable vs Bayley (2 out of 3 falls)
Tag Team Champions Raye Hollitt and Shelley Beattie vs Debbie Bramwell and Midnight
TWF Hardcore Champion Kim Harris vs Tina Nguyen
Janet Tech vs Molly Holly
Dana Brooke vs Trish Swander
Laura Vukov vs Amielia Hernandez winner gets a future TWF World Championship match
Elimination Chamber Intercontinental Champion Gina Davis vs Sharon Bruneau vs Tonya Knight vs Trish Stratus vs Ashley Soto vs Juliette Bergmann
Elimination Chamber TWF United States Champion Brenda Raganot vs Natalia Murnikoviene vs Cory Everson vs Debbie Kruck vs Laura Bass vs Paula Suzuki
Elimination Chamber TWF World Champion Melissa Coates vs Erika Andersch vs Lesa Lewis vs Sue Gafner vs Yvette Bova vs Tazzie Colomb
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  • Watching: The Great Wall


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